bootsie in her tower...

copyrighted... The sad, teary eyed look on my baby's little face kinda' breaks my heart. I think she had just awakened...


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Renata Cavanaugh 25 Aug 2011


Artist Reply: Thank you, Renata! Bootsi and Genseng, her sister, was bottle fed and raised by me, from the age of 3 weeks. Their mother dropped all six of her offspring on my next door neighbor's front porch. So, she thinks I'm her mother, I guess. She greets me in the morning, when I first get up and she makes sure that she is in the bedroom to get her loving, when I go to bed. A little creature of habit and my favorite girl..

jamie winter 25 Aug 2011

ahhhh so cute!

Artist Reply: Thanks, Jamie! Ain't she sweet??