Ready to Fly

While I was refining this during 2008 to 2009, I visited the website of a favorite author who has written several books on her experiences as part of a spiritual sisterhood. I was pleased when I noticed that something she had written invoked the image of a scene very similar to what I was creating, complete with waterfalls. This must have influenced me as I worked, because I realized that without any deliberate intentions, I was creating her likeness in the face of the “angel”. (For convenience, I fall into calling the figure in flight an angel even though she has no wings.) Water symbolizes spirit and purification. The perspective of the young woman represents a point of departure from whence we can make great strides in spiritual advancement. This comes via life experiences which purify the spirit until critical mass is inevitably reached and we’re ready to “take the plunge”. Dimensions: 26" x 20" x .75". Copyright notice: this painting is copyrighted by the artist. All use and reproduction rights subject to written permission of the artist. Watermark will not appear on your purchases.

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