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Photo taken, May, 2011. Epiphyllum.
From my Book of Dreams...
Probably Aug, 17, 2011.. the night... after midnight..
Sitting under an umbrella.. Warm White umbrella, that the light touched softly and came through it... No it was not raining, the scene was "seen" indoors. YES... Sitting there dressed in White undershirt/ skivvy.. The umbrella of a photographer, yet not a photographer was sitting under that umbrella. (at least, i did not know this person is a photographer )Arranging the scene and light for photography.. Planning to take photos... INSPIRED By her...
It was not me seen in this dream...And I could heard this person thoughts... and more...I love that dream and will remember it...

Thanks for visiting... May this day bring the RIGHT LIGHT our way...
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest

KC CHANG 22 Aug 2011


jamie winter 20 Aug 2011

awesome, just so beautiful, Nira. excellent work

John Cappello 18 Aug 2011

Ah, what a fresh breath of Beauty

Elaine Cruickshank 18 Aug 2011

Exquisite floral. So beautiful.

ruth sears 18 Aug 2011

stunning floral image!