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International Mall Tampa and Bay Street

This is where I ate a late lunch yesterday with a friend. Florida is flat; yet this outside restaurant area is on the 2nd level of the mall. I have been to International Mall and Plaza many times, but never found this outdoor wonder. Usually food court or eating areas in malls are inside. This reminded me a lot of Whistler BC on a much smaller scale & of Disney World. We ate at the Cheese Cake Factory, which is a very fine restaurant and really not what the name implies. I hope you enjoy!

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Anonymous Guest

sotirios gardiakos 29 Mar 2012

This is great!

KC CHANG 15 Aug 2011


M Smith 14 Aug 2011

What a wonderful place!

Elaine Cruickshank 14 Aug 2011

Looks like a great place to have lunch.

John Cappello 13 Aug 2011

What a wonderful place with open sky delightful view Sharon We just ran out of cheesecake over here..