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this pic is the weirdest i have ever drawn. it was going to be some one representing myself cradleing a clone of herself in her arms but i thought that would be too complacated and wierd so i ended up with this. the fairy represents my friend janelle, a few days ago i heard that the next zelda game would be rated M. (but i dont know if its true) I loved link so much and it started to destroy me. the next day i told my friend janelle what happend and she told me to stop focusing on link and start noticing things that are real. i understand now that there would have been no way for link to love me that deeply back (sorry if i soud like a freak) or even love me. he's not a real person! but he was real to me... now me and janelle are trying to soart things out, thats what this picture represents. and im so happy the way it came out.... sorry if there is too much blood, but it had to describe how hurt i was. NEW NOTE: I found out the new game is only rated T... I hope its not for swaring and bad things that happen in the dark o_O as long as the swaring is mild... WAIT WHAT AM I SAYING!?!


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shelby 20 Jan 2006

Have i not commented on this one either??? what the heck is wrong with me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ugh.........anyway,(how many times do i say anyway, blah) so, i realy really really really love it jess!!!! very awesome coloring and pose

Kaylyn Sly 19 Apr 2005

thats gotta hurt to have your arm sewed back together, good job with the expressions though

Carrie Barden 01 Aug 2004

Intriguing piece. Makes me wonder.... Nicely done

Jessica Evans 01 Aug 2004

awww :( she looks so sad, but shes getting fixed :) nice coloring, I like your style!