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34 Ford Pickup

Where I come from I thought we took our trucks seriously. Nah – nothing like the lot in my adopted home Texas. That is truly “truck-country”! Course when one needs a truck for lugging yer stuff – nothing else will do. (contrarians just go ahead and pipe-down now – you know yer full-of-it anyhow~:0) So where were we – oh yeah – trucks. Now don’t get me wrong – modern trucks are great. Got one of me own. – They haul more. They go farther (and that’s farther and under no circumstances further – get an education! ~:0) And they have room for an entire wedding party in ‘em. But – you knew the “but” was coming and it is a big one and as the great PeeWee Herman said, “Everybody’s got a Big But” (not talking about bottoms here) But it’s hard to beat a great old truck with a tuned mill for an elegant truckin’ ride. This bewdy of a 34 Ford Pickup truck is the rule rather than the exception. I shot this little rod using me trusty Canon and if ya give a fiddle-dee-dee shot it at f4, 1/100th, iso 80 using 6mm wide-angle lens. Even did it in Black & White with a bit of special added colour (color) b/c that’s what the truck wanted me to do for it. I wouldn’t have paid much attention to those foto numbers meself I been shooting so long all that stuff’s second nature to me, but (there’s another big but~:0) someone asked that I’d include the stuff for ‘em. Apparently, that’s the part of photography they like and that’s a good thing (as the great Martha Stewart would say) Anyway – long/short – We were at the Luckenbach, Texas Hot Rod and Custom Car Show last month and this truck said “take me home”. Wish I had but (there’s another one) the current owner felt about as I did about the truck and was determined not to take my $400 USD offer – Ha! I promised Long-story-short. We snapped her a few times, went away sweaty and fell in love with another truck a bit farther down the line – and a good time was had by all. Though I do still pine for that ride – her round fenders and ample cargo-box – - – go snap some photos of your own out there in the world somewhere ~:0) VivaChas!


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John Cappello 24 Feb 2016

Classic Stuff Great work indeed!

Artist Reply: Thanks John - I like a nice pickup ~;0) VivaChas!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Jul 2011


Artist Reply: Ha! - Right you are - that's the same name me old mum called me - thanks for the memories ~:0) VivaChas!