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Changing Dreams

As Life changes… dreams change too.. Glad for that CHANGE.. That morning of June, 20, 2011.. I got up with a DREAM... That kind of dream I never had before... Probably only at the age of Internet I could dream such dream..

He saw her, my relative before me, perhaps already had a talk about my ART... And then he phoned.. I was surprised and Thrilled... He was talking English and so, I understood, and did not understood, I asked him to repeat his words... He had to repeat himself 4 times.. Quite embarrassing situation, I must confess... And not only because he's a well known personality... :-)...
I got up with a SMILE.. Thank you..!!
With hopes to improve my spoken English.
Thanks for viewing and commenting...
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Anonymous Guest

joost 08 Jul 2011


KC CHANG 07 Jul 2011


Anneke Hut 05 Jul 2011

New dreams are wonderful, just as these flowers are.

Pierpaolo Limongelli 05 Jul 2011

Sweet colour of this simple flower :-)))

David Holcombe 04 Jul 2011

Dreams do change, and it's a good thing, too. Also, your English is fine and Americans are very forgiving about grammar and such. Just practice, like with art, and you will get better and better.