Beautiful Decay

Beautiful Decay


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John Cappello 22 Aug 2013

FANTASTIC IMAGE All Enchanting; Your works are just Brilliant with Individual Style!

Artist Reply: Thank you John! I haven't had much opportunity for art lately because of arthritis and house repairs. I'm missing it!

Warren Ballard 26 Jun 2011

Beautiful floral, excellent color.

Artist Reply: Thanks Warren! I have no idea what kind of azalea this is (it came with our house), but I love it!

M Smith 26 Jun 2011

This is beautiful; I love the variegated coloring!

Artist Reply: Thank you! I wish I knew the name of this - I'd love to have more (does anyone how to get starts off an azalea?).

Sharalynne Cooper 26 Jun 2011

I feel like I can smell it

Artist Reply: Fortunately, they don't have much smell (or maybe I just don't notice because it's one plant that doesn't bother my allergies).