Cherokee Trail of Tears

After visiting the Cherokee reservation in Oklahoma several years ago, I knew that I must paint the suffering and pain that occurred during the "trail of tears." My father was very proud of our Native American heritage and was looking forward to seeing this piece. Sadly, he died the day I had it framed, Tuesday, February 24, 2009. Oddly, it portrays the sorrow I feel with the loss of my father rather than the original idea for the painting. The paint drips down...just like my tears. The painting includes watercolor, acrylic, india ink glue, bronze paint, feathers, yarn, leather and REAL stones...including turquoise, red jasper, picture jasper, quartz, and citrine. The painting is under glass for protection, and the yarn should fall into a better position over time. Because this painting has so much meaning for me, I had not planned to offer it up for sale. But I think my dad would want me to sell it...for a nice sum...just because he thinks he is worth it! *THE ORIGINAL IS PART OF THE PRIVATE ART COLLECTION OF DR. BRADLEY AND CATHY HENRY OF LITTLE ROCK, AR.

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