"BLUEBLOOD" is, well....a Bloodhound that I painted blue...please say that you get the pun that I intended! All of my dog portraits have been of dogs that I have "met" or have been asked to paint. This portrait is totally different. I just decided painting a blue Bloodhound would be fun...all the wrinkles allow for shades of blues, purples and even pinks. The orange background is intended to make the painting even more abstract by the use of colors that are opposite on the color wheel. "BLUEBLOOD" is available for purchase. The canvas is 30x20 and is 1.5" gallery wrapped and ready to hang proudly in your home or office. *There is even a 'varnish drip' that was unintentional (very small) that lets you know it's an original! *Please note that I am available to paint your dog. Please contact me by e-mail and I will give you my special prices and sizes at that time. "Pooch Portraits" by Laura make fantastic gifts!

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