Tears of Suffering

In this cropped section of the painting MY SUFFERING, you are able to view my tears and the pain that I feel inside. The colors are bright and vivid because I want to remain joyful, despite how I feel. *Acrylic paint, colored rice paper, india ink in glue, oil pastel, and various pastes along with feathers, a scarf, and a yellow turquoise wire-wrapped necklace that I made were used to create the painting. *BECAUSE THIS IS A CROPPED VERSION OF ANOTHER ORIGINAL, IT IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN PRINT FORM.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 17 Jun 2011

I love both of the pictures Laura. I know and feel your pain. I know what we both go through, and you captured it in your painting.

Artist Reply: Thank you for your kind words and letting me know that I am not alone...Blessings, Laura