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The Patroness of Pysanky (Nicole Holcombe) 2011

We received a very elaborate frame and I wanted to do a portrait that would be fitting in such an extravagant work. Of course, my wife Nicole jumped to mind immediately. She is portrayed as the "Patroness of Pysanky." She complained that her hand "was much too large," but it is deliberately exaggerated to enhance the importance of her fastidious manual labor. She dislikes the painting very much, but it is still a tribute by her devoted husband. We'll let the world decide.

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Tim Linville 28 Jan 2014

A Very Regal Pose,in the Classic Holcombe Style!The Hand Reveals the Realismists,Does'nt It?I Think to Look at Any David Holcombe Work,is to First Forget What You Thought About Color.And Then,the Surrealism Factor Happens,in a Painting.To View,Is to Step Away From Normal Perception of Reality.a Fine Art World is There to Be Seen.I've Never Had a Bad Time in "David Vision".I Think It's a Great Tribute,and the Frame Fits Well.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 16 Jun 2011

Wow! It's Nicole and she looks amazing!! This extraordinary painting has more than a feel of the Byzantine to it. Brilliant artwork! BTW, Simon's book 'Images of Istanbul' is now on Amazon's Kindle along with his other works! BisousXXXXX

Julie Mayser 14 Jun 2011

Very novel idea... and I will have to say I agree with Nicole on the hand size. It looks too masculine, and her "Fastidious manual labor" requires much dexterity which might not be possible with such large hands. I like the tie-in of the gold in the painting with the gold frame... the painting seen as a whole does remind me of an icon. As an icon-like artwork, everything in it has a purpose for inclusion.Always, it can be seen as an original David Holcombe!!! :-)

M Smith 13 Jun 2011

The important thing is that it was painted with LOVE!

Olga van Dijk 13 Jun 2011

What a beautiful work again David. And how lovely how you honor your wife! She deserves it. Great text accompanying this great portraiture in your typical and so recognizable style! ~Love & Light, OLGA