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Here are 2 photos I took of what I saw when I returned home to Alma. The top one I took from the side yard to show a different perspective. The bottom photo I took from the top deck. I can tell you that no photo shows the reality of my back yard. Photos seem to lack the proper depth and layers of reality. Though I had seen lots of photos and told that it was a mess, I was not prepared for what I saw; the reality of this. Work men who have come so far; one or 2 each day are blown away (no pun intended) by what they see. One told me that it looks like a battle zone and each of the others cannot believe their eyes. Apparently this tornado came here to Eagle Crest and touched down in spots. I have been told that 70 trees on Eagle Crest Golf Course property have been felled and a tree here and there on personal properties. Also it touched down on someone’s roof here, but I have not been able to find that house. And it touched down here quite violently as you see and the biggest mess of all... except I think the roof gone is the worst. My house damage is minimal. I hope you enjoy!!!!

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Anonymous Guest

Vincent von Frese 15 Sep 2011

Wow, it's a close call!

Shahram S. Nahavandi 06 Sep 2011

Dear Sharon, not to worry...I'll take care of it...!

gerry logan 28 May 2011

Wow so much damage to those I am sure beautiful shade trees when they were standing. Thank god all is well with your house and your family this has indeed been a bad year weather wise our area has been massive flooding but for me I live on a hill so no worries with the floods

Karen Helsing 27 May 2011

I'm glad you're safe and your house is okay. I hope you saw how a town in Kansas has rebuilt after the devastation of a tornado on the news tonight.

Mary Janosik 23 May 2011

Oh My, dear Sharon!! I, too am glad that you are safe and the house is OK!! Such devestation and lose to so many this year!! I will stop complaining about the rain.... Take care, dear friend!! Hope your basement is stocked!!