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My words are in contrasts with my photo.. perhaps with this photo, i wish to fix wrongs, that I see, or saw.
Jealousy make saint's eYeS, go blind.

Revenge is a very ugly doings.. emotions, that led by stupidity of someone might think himself as clever.
Someone, who maybe clever in one way, might be stupid in another...
Several times, I've heard about love - hate emotions..
Or that love can become hate

I'm sorry to say, I didn't believe it can be really, but found out it can.

Thanks for visiting.
May wisdom of the truth guide and guard all your doings.
May love be controlled in all your doings...
May you lead your heart to act with love not with hate.

Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Lynn De Serres 03 May 2012

Lovely artwork, Nira.

Chris Roukema 03 May 2012

Totally Awesome Work, Nira!

Brigitte Hintner 03 May 2012

Wow what a beauty this water lily is dear you may know I adore your artistic eye a lot and I always can see and feel how much you love your camera's such a pleasure browsing through your amazing portfolio.....have a nice day:-)

Robert Heath 03 May 2012

Love your work, And text!

Sigridur Bachmann 05 Jul 2011