When I realized that I had somehow lost, well I know how it was lost purely based on a decision I had made though not so mindfully I at any rate am happy to still have some from Cropping Circle series 2006. When I get into a mode of mind to create I can say that thc has been in the mix like a mind fix far from my overlooked as a friendly catalystical boon never given credit too soon. Having it around is not that important though because of social restraint here in Texas especially people who have found thc helpful are taking the time to be more aware of some sincentricity and all the logic of it being an important part of my home custom almost vanishes. It is all good only if I look at these anomalic signs of a misled me called we and the reason I even mention this is because when the time is right it will, well if I respect the void of not having it as often a vacumn is created and nature is ever here and aware and will fill the void to the degree it is unannoid and when it is ingested by me again it will have a unique opportunity, I like to think, to have had the time to come in the nic of time in a timely turn of event and as a debunked Murphy fLaW I will give this birth room in a though and release it to an eagor nature alert alive and happy to help iif I only release the need as if freeing nature to work best I seem to like to believe brings solution of highest order... if I only release any thoughts of lack or need as I release nature will let me know and all it needs is an unwavering release and do not even complain that will only drain natures initiative. Nature needs us as its nurturing locus, and here is my close. Faith in an unmisled communication is a best release of any blockages and potential for a best awnsering ability and even long ago it is already in an aware and everywhere world view in a way that does not overlook an all-empowered intelligent universe filled and thrilled to get to this point: the need to have thc if it is a social or in any way a plus will continue to be in the picture as a good only if there is belief and confidence that nature knows nature and as sure as an insect knows when it is time to climb to higher ground using a scorpion to this my point: How much more does and will nature tell you if it is only redeemed with a need released and knows the releaser knows and in this light this knows and sees more way a collection of people glows. Ask nature it has been always patient and has better plans than operating to help haveing to deal with a third rocking war world as a kindest amount of a lessor light to call us now into this moment in this last timeline of Seeing You News and now I know who watches it, nature does and nature is. Nature has no disassociation, nor will it ever miss any really real need every seed of truth is freed so even before is was already if I only close with meaning as always nature agrees when wish want and why ways do not orchestrate madness its powerful utility in catalystical creativity may be a simple weed need if in this there is a rational thing to which we have agreed in mindfull responce and opens new ways as soon a Proof of Life a gladness just and this is justice a constellation need read really red right between these lines in spaces.

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Emily Reed 04 Apr 2011