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Mountain Climbing

2011c Roads,....they take us everywhere. With a 4x4 you can make your own roads,....but for most people the roads make the car. If we didn't have these well made roads, we wouldn't have these sleek high performance small wheel cars like there are today,...we'd still be riding in the old model T type cars that could take the abuse of a torn up muddy ditch of a road that most call off-roading today. So, hop in your car and go to the beach,...or take a drive in the big city,....or a drive in the country. And for those that can't walk to good,....or maybe not at all,....hit the high road and go mountain climbing the easy way. Bet you can't trace the path of this mountain climbing road? hehe


Anonymous Guest

Steve Farr 18 Mar 2011

Very nice, Gregg!!

Joe Janicki 11 Mar 2011

This is cute but closer inspection reveals rich textures and a distinct artistic touch. Well done.