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U.S.S. Freedom

2011c Our military brings liberty and freedoms to many peoples around the world, now and throughout our history. Not always perfectly done but for the most part well intentioned. But many liberties and freedoms have disappeared in many areas in our own country, like in the urban areas, cameras watching everything a person does. Where a person can't even take a nap in your car without ten cop cars surrounding you and treating a person like they committed a felony or something. Where animals seem to have more rights than homeless PEOPLE! And those little mobile speeding ticket machines that change locations everyday to catch unsuspecting citizens offguard and generate money for cities to spend on wasteful things. Do you know that in the area where I live that a person can actually get a ticket for putting money in parking meters for someone you don't know just to keep them from getting a parking ticket? That's crazy!!! A ticket for being kind to a stranger, backward are things today! We need to keep diligent guard on our freedoms as well as continuing to offer those same freedoms to others.


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Steve Farr 24 Feb 2011


Emily Reed 23 Feb 2011

Just love it, Gregg!