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When whom used to be (once) your very BEST friend, is for quite some time controlled by the "MONEY" of other, or other means of satisfaction.
Who is your best friend ?
Are you sure that you can always trust on your friend?
Will your best friend tell you, what he/she think you should know ?...

REAL friend if you truly have such will be there always when needed, and actually especially when needed.

If you decide that a friend is no longer suitable for you,from one or another reason, don't let him/her in your life.

May we always remember who are our friends, and be able to be there for them.
Thanks for visiting and commenting.
To be continued.

Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

David Holcombe 25 Feb 2011

There is a sad quality about this work. "My Best Friend" seems to be etched in granite. That give it a long-lasting quality. The words compliment the image.

craig moline 25 Feb 2011

Very thought provoking work. Get's you thinking that's for sure. The etching of the words look awesome!


Very solomn heartfelt words and brilliant art with all the open space and words Thank You for sharing your thoughts,my Dear Friend!!!I Thank God for you always!!!Hope you and Your Beautiful Family have a Beautiful Day full of Joy,Peace and Love!!!((((Hugs)))),Dee&David

Alberto D'Assumpcao 23 Feb 2011

Very interesting reflection and work, Nira!!!

Thom Roslan 22 Feb 2011

That's the question of a "lifetime" Niri ! We all wonder "IF"........sometimes, about this very question ! Excellent portrayal of the question Luv !

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Thomi.. Wishing you true friendships that can last all times.