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Another image for the subject : ABUSE. In internet times.. but not only.
Never let anyone to communicate with you, indirectly.
If you give someone doing so once, that same person might make it a way to communicate with you. This fact might be to his/her advantage.

Don't try to reveal what's behind this indirect communication, because it can cost you a mental price.
BE CAREFUL OF INDIRECT COMMUNICATION, It might become dangerous relationship, whether relationship with a "loved" one, or any other relationship..

Be aware, and also save your people, your children from doing so.
Be careful of signs, symbols, that some might try sending you, through other people... Don't try to translate it, in anyway...
If someone try doing so, is simply, because this person, has NOT the ability to communicate you normally.. Such person, is simply impotent, literary or far behind.. At least with you
The reason, WHY... Does not important..
The important, you must ignore people who send indirect messages. Those who do so, share a crime, with the one, ask them, order them to send these messages.

ONCE... I thought I'm clever to try understand indirect
messages...Nowadays... I IGNORE Totally those who might send indirect messages, in order to protect myself from impostors.

BUT Then ask me... who is a real friend... That's another image to deal with.
With my love to those who feel as REAL People, honest , direct, and loyal.
To be continued......
Thanks for visiting and commenting.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 20 Apr 2015

Outstanding work; So lovely to see your activeness

jamie winter 22 Jul 2011

so true Nira. peace and love to you and yours

Steve Farr 11 Mar 2011

Absolutely SPLENDID, my friend!!~S

Gregory Edwards 06 Mar 2011

Had to write you and wish you a best where the east meets the west...

Caballero Salguero 20 Feb 2011

Truths dear Nira, temples with lies you can not make art, not Islamic radicals or any country can build a perennial peace! Superb work and great title, artist of great heart and talent...hugs from Spain, Pepe