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River of Life ~ River of Love

This is the cover of the Rosary CD for the Joyful Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary in music. The CD contains prayers, meditations, and hymns with a prolife theme. The cover's original stained glass window hangs in the COPE (Crisis Outreach Pregnancy Emergency) Chapel, in Montgomery, Alabama. The other windows in the chapel are inside the bookelt, and a painting of the stained glass window in St. Andrews Catholic Church of St. Joseph is on the back cover of the CD. The CD is dedicated tobaby Elijiah and all babies, born and unborn including those who have died from miscarriage, abortion, accident, or illness. The Soloist and composer of the music on the CD is Marc Karam. Zoie Anders also sings her original hymn and prays the Rosary along with Marc.

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James Carney 08 Feb 2011

Very nice.