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Nature does not lie to you.
Nature will never try to deceive you, in no way.
In a day you understand, that even if someone is so obsessed with you, and your life..
and that same person is able to steal your privacy from you... and invade part of your life, that YOU, Did not invite to...
That same day, you know, you wish to know ZERO of that person.. to hear NOTHING, Of such person.
To forget such person, existed perhaps once in your life, in a different shape.

Kol mi shebochesh bikaara lo kshera, ASHEM.
Ha'easa she'yatsar meoreret GO'AAL.

Sometimes friends can deceive you..
Can friends be bought, by persons with different interests.. ???...

One thing is CLEAR to me, I would not find myself at places, I wasn't invited, whether, virtual places, or real ones.

I don't believe, someone can buy my friendship.
I don't believe someone can buy, my silence..
I don't believe someone can buy me, so that this person can play with someone such as my friend.
No matter what is the price offers..
My friendship can't be bought.
What about you... Can someone buy you ?...

If you know the truth, and you know your friend, was once or more hurt, will you tell the truth??
Will you give someone to put "WORDS" in your mouth...

Do you have real friends, in the real world, or virtual world, that might deceive you, to support other interests ??..

The answers are at the secret forums.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest

KC CHANG 24 Jan 2011


Olga van Dijk 22 Jan 2011

Totally agree dear Nira! Beautiful Photo!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much my dear friend, Olga.

Sigridur Bachmann 21 Jan 2011

What a fabulous photograph ! TREMENDOUS TEXT MY FRIEND !

Artist Reply: Thanks so much my dear friend, Siggi

Thom Roslan 21 Jan 2011

Your image says it all ! How do we find 1 stalk (friend) from so many stalks (people) in the field of life ? Friendship like Love is a long deliberate growth of TRUST ! We might go into a field of 1,000's of stalks (people), but through our lives we may only find 3-4 stalks (friends) who we really can trust and believe in........ Thus friendship like Love is hard to find ! Wishing you all the trusty friendships you deserve.......Always stay strong to oneself Dear Friend !

Artist Reply: My dear, Tomas... as always wise words from you. I'm grateful to have known you. I usually knew who to trust. STAY STRONG yourself... May we know only trust-able people in our life. Thanks so much!!

Anonymous Guest 20 Jan 2011

Wow,love the composition in this BEAUTIFUL Beautiful Artistic capture,my Dear Friend!!!True Friendship is a Gift to the heart!!!I'm Very Thankful for the friends I have in my life!!!You are a treasure to my life and I thank God for our friendship and I'm very thankful that our paths have crossed here,at AW !!!Nira,those are profound words!!!Hope you and Your Beautiful Family have a Beautiful Day full of Joy,Peace and Love!!!(((((Hugs))))), Dee&David