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I called her Sirena because of her voice, that sound as siren.
....... When the sounds of her miau were almost not sound.....
Photos of my Cat, Sirena who died Dec, 5, 2010.
Summer 92, I heard screams of a kitty in the garden... there she was age 2 or 3 days. I took her home, and fed her with a doll's bottle contain milk & an egg. So tiny she was...
She was part of my home and family for about 18.5 years. Most of the years sleeping with me, inside the blankets, at the side of my heart... very close, sucking her fingers, as if sucking from ME.
I was her mother, she was my baby.
The last several days were very difficult, realizing at Friday evening,(DEC,3,2010) she is leaving us. Just after we got back from a family dinner for Hanukkah, I came home to caress her, I felt something is wrong. She gave us enough time to say goodbye......
I knew she was getting old everyday, and her time is coming.In the last days & especially last hours, she had no power to drink nor eat, nor say miau.. all she wish is warmth & love and to be protected by ME.
The pain is still here, so are the tears.
After she was buried, my wish is to have something from her ... the wish to hear her voice... to feel her touch, her presence in my everyday HOME.
All is left are the photos and the memory, of whom she was to me.....
Just before she died, I asked from her, to feel no pain with her leave.. and that I will not feel too much pain. I wished her soul to stay with me......
She is resting in PEACE, Knowing that I love her.
2 photos: first one taken not long ago.. the other is from 05.

Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest

Ai Shan 16 Dec 2010

Very beautiful cat and nicely captured, Nira. Sorry for your loss.

Sandra McClure 14 Dec 2010

Beautiful shot Nira and I am so sorry for your loss.

craig moline 09 Dec 2010

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I understand how you must feel, as being an animal lover myself. God bless you my friend.

KC CHANG 08 Dec 2010


Sigridur Bachmann 08 Dec 2010

I´m so sorry for you loss I know how bad it feels ! I have been there too my friend !So very lovely and beautiful tribute to Sirena... Sorry !