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Quite sadly, instead of Candles light for Hanukkah .. the LIGHT of FIRE.

When FIRE "Eats" every good thing that she meets.
The biggest FIRE, in Israel, in the Carmel mountains.
A place, which considered the most beautiful place of trees in Israel. ( small Switzerland ) NO LONGER exist

40 people died.
It will take several days to finish quenched the FIRE.
There is not enough materials in Israel, to let the fire out. Other countries are sending extinguishing airplanes.
May the fire extinguished fast.
Today third candle of Hanukkah, for the miracle.............. Thanks for viewing..
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

tim linville 07 Dec 2010

I'm sorry for Your People's losses,Nira..There are many wildfires worldwide,now.Man's influence is creating many of these moments.Life will come always does.May it be more beautiful than ever.

Olga van Dijk 06 Dec 2010

Your colors represent what you wanna say.... what a tragedy this is... Love and Light, Olga

Sandra McClure 04 Dec 2010

Your work is beautiful and expressive. so sorry for your country's loss

Sigridur Bachmann 04 Dec 2010

Hi dear Nira ! I´m so sorry about this terrible tragedy my friend ! But you work is beautiful thou .......

Beatrix Jahn 04 Dec 2010

I heard this morning, that it hit Ein Hod - Im devistated, knowing all the area. The loss of the lives and the loss of the beauty of the area is heartbreaking! My prayers are with you, Israel!