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For music lovers out there, this great sign highlights a few of my favorite music terms. Crescendo and decrescendo. Painted in red and blue-gray on fabulous, old, peeling fencing boards. This artwork is shabby chic, rustic and urban feeling all mixed together. Would be great anywhere from a music studio to a kitchen, hallway, office or living room. So fun and versatile. 11" tall x 45" wide. Ready to hang with picture wire on the back. Check out my other music signs also done on recycled, upcycled wood pieces. I often try to reuse items and give them new life while infusing them with musical energy. Enjoy. cres·cen·do [ kr? shéndo ] increase in loudness: a gradual increase in the volume of a passage of music music played increasingly loudly: a passage of music in which there is a gradual increase in volume intensification: an increase in volume or intensity similar to a crescendo in music

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