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The Power of Three

The Power of Three: A Poem Demons who lurk in the shadows, Evil that hides in the night. If you’re not careful, they’ll get you, Be ready to put up a fight. The strength of good versus evil, The power of dark against light. Warlocks that kill just for power, Demons who murder for spite. Darklighters weaken your mind, Then turn you against the light. It’s time that someone fought back. It’s time to regain our side. We will protect the innocent. The Book of Shadows will be our guide. And when all looks dire, Our time we will not bide. We will not run, We will not hide. Think of the words of Melinda Warren, And of the prophecy. When all else is gone, we still have one weapon, The Power of Three.


Emily Reed 22 Oct 2010

Beauty for Halloween! Good job!

Alberto D'Assumpcao 22 Oct 2010

Fascinating composition and colours, with a splendid touch of mystery, Maggie!

Aqua1955 21 Oct 2010

Indeed powerfull and lovely artwork

Artist Reply: thank you :)

Vernonette Gaddy 21 Oct 2010

Powerful Artwork- mysterious, dramatic, and SPOOKY!!

Artist Reply: thank you...BB..Maggie