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Thunder7 (C) Paul Pannell This some of my recent work. I am trying to save enough to buy a scanner to add my drawings


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 30 Jun 2011

Hey bro, Sum1Good from DeviantART here droppin' by! : ) 1) you can get a perfectly working fullpage flatbed color scanner from most Goodwill and second hand shops, they have no tech staff to simply download and test readily available scanner drivers to simply test them all, so they sell $500 used scanners for like ten bucks, I bought a few there that all worked fine over the years and still do! : ) 2) When you get a scanner, scan this pic of yours here and save it as a DXF file, then it can be sent to an Engraver for real-world metalwork reproductions... Coins, Medallions, Bike Gas Caps, Pins, Badges Etc. ; )

Anonymous Guest 23 Nov 2010

WOW this is so Beautiful I am going to have to buy this one