Blue Oni

I know,I know ONI demons are not girls, female, women, ladies, or chicks (HEEHEEHEE). But, I had thought about a scary female wrestler sketch. Instead this came about seems better...I really like the head and clothes.


Anonymous Guest

Ben Kiger 10 Sep 2014

like this, wow

Artist Reply: Hey thanks, I will really buckle down and post some Art.

Mary Adams 12 Mar 2011

cool great coloring/detail

Tabitha Borges 19 Oct 2010

so neat all the details...

Artist Reply: i know three years but thank you for your comment.

Emily Reed 17 Oct 2010

O wow, Tazda! great to see your new work! welcome back!

Artist Reply: Good to be back now and to be posting a lot of work. Also, hope to catch up with all the postings comments.