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The River Of Swans

O that blackbird swarmed by a silver/green rainbow of Flies, sinking into yesterday's meadow. Ancient Father, I wanted to seek you in all earnestness/ farther past the nights of my blackest visions/ In that space I called and the terror ran screaming. Angels in that whitest raiment sang the glory of our truer dreaming/ As the soul in the calm rapture exists as a symbol/We must move this bleak objective asunder. Great green corridor is this wild shaded flowing mosque. Alive, the somber air permits the flutter of dragon fly wings/ now reflected by the brown and crimson currency of this oldest River's wishes/Where this ebbing water wonders the indifference of stones, You had said Go/Go seek the Sun/ I went wandering after a poem. July 1996 Revised 7/26/2006 Painting-Acrylic and Oil Pastel on canvas.Copyright T. Byron K. 1995 "The new wash'd lamb ting'd with the village smoke & the bright swan By the red earth of our immortal river: I bathe my wings." (from)VISIONS of the Daughters of Albion The Eye sees more than the Heart knows. Printed by Will:m Blake: 1793.


Anonymous Guest

Elizabeth Lindberg 16 Feb 2012

This has an airy feeling to it, I like. Nice use of light too, good work

Artist Reply: Thank you Elizabeth for the kind comments.

lillianhibiscus 21 Mar 2009

So beautiful.

Artist Reply: Many thanks for your kind words.

John Chasteen 05 Nov 2006

interesting and light, nice colors

Artist Reply: My thanks for your comments-Byron