SpaceScape Y

This painting was created in one night alongside its alternate spacescape. The ambiguous tree shapes sprouting forth from the ground are a representation of the possibilities life on other planets offer us. The overbearing and repetitive planets in the sky, the crumbling foundation in the planet and the secondary anthropomorphic shape in the background are also references to our fascination with other worldly possibilities.


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John Cappello 07 Oct 2010

Michael, What a great scene, This is a fascinating,you caught the evening perfectly with fantastic use of lighting, one is overwhelmed with the beauty and detail of this painting.

Joe Janicki 19 Sep 2010

Surreal to the max. Love staring into this one.

Lucia Stewart 15 Sep 2010

Great indepth conversational piece Michael!

Mimoza Oronova 14 Sep 2010

Nice work!