Carolyn 1: Swimsuits & Mermaids

©2004 Steve Woron


Anonymous Guest

mohammad safavi naini 11 Nov 2012

very nice

Noval N. Hernawan 04 Sep 2005

Cc...aan't ss...aaay a...ny...thiiing... Too... hot...!!! :D She sure is pretty. But how you take the picture made her even prettier.

Julie Geiss 25 Jun 2004

awesome image with excellent lighting that screams summer and a gorgeous the pose.

Hilton Harris 25 Jun 2004

I don't think there's one bad thing anyone could say about this photo.

Peter Leahy 25 Jun 2004

well done

S. Currier 25 Jun 2004

Nice Photo.. is she a model or someone you know? Or both? LoL!

Judy Minderman 24 Jun 2004

ummm, this is bound to get good ratings!