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Voter Beware (Cartoon)

Elections can be deceitful. Democrats vs Republicans


Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Dec 2010

Both parties are compromised and working for the same 1 world government system. Neither party is worth a damn. The same people run both and it seems the Constitution is an ignored document and we are no longer a Constitutional Republic. but a fascist state where corporations are actually in control of both our food, ( MOnsanto) and our air: CO2 EPA Femme Comp Inc, )

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Anonymous Guest (IP: 25 Oct 2010

Democrats are already starting to pull this, saying they are against current Democrats ... saying they are for the people and siding with Republican issues ... beware indeed.

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Anonymous Guest (IP: 22 Sep 2010

Nailed it!!!

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jerry carlin 09 Sep 2010

you got that right!