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Blue Canyon

70cm wide, 50cm high, acrylic on canvas, framed. Style: Transmaterialism. Shipped worldwide w/o surcharge. Payment method: Paypal. If you want to buy it, contact me please. Copyright Adrian Bayreuther (my artist's pseudonyme), member of 3rd Paradigm artists group


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Mario Villareal 14 Sep 2010

Your paintings are a perspective master's dream. Your play on depth and illusion is brilliant.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Mario, your comment is precious.

Annette Labedzki 08 Sep 2010


Brenda Loveless 06 Sep 2010

nice work with a calm energy

Leon aarts 31 Aug 2010

It's all about angles..this is a fantastic description. I really appreciate this.

Anonymous Guest 29 Aug 2010

Thanks for your comment...very nice work,nice composition...

Sara Deutsch 28 Aug 2010

I'm always impressed with your dimensional explorations. This one is so tactile...

Shakeh Sarookhanian 23 Aug 2010

very nice work!

Miles Baker 19 Aug 2010

Originality -well you certainly have it-and it's so good-my pod!

Artist Reply: Thanks, dear Miles. I pass you my best wishes.

Teresa Dominici 14 Aug 2010

Beautiful and creative work, Bernhard.

José Fortunato 09 Aug 2010

Great work Bernhard

tyler robbins 06 Aug 2010

how creative and original...very, very nice art work!!

Gina Cowins 05 Aug 2010

Hello Bernhard, simplicity with colors create wonders to the eyes. The composition and contour is beautifully executed by excellent choices in color.

Sandra McClure 27 Jul 2010

GReat Bernhard

Anonymous Guest 27 Jul 2010


Kovács János 26 Jul 2010

Superb! :)

John Cappello 26 Jul 2010

Propulsive, thought provoking and sophisticated, and invigoratingly clever creation, keeps us hooked, with dynamic combinations of ingenious themes and hyper kinetic brushwork.

Anneke Hut 26 Jul 2010

It's amazing how much depth you have created, Bernhard. Great skills!!

Artist Reply: Your comment is valuable and precious. Thanks a lot.

Izabella Pavlushko 26 Jul 2010

Anonymous was me ! :)

Artist Reply: Dear Iza, thank you a lot. Tonight I am flying over your head, physically.

Anonymous Guest 26 Jul 2010

very interesting work, Bernie... the colors are just striking! Beautifully done ! By the way the next month our group celebrates our anniversary ! WOW !

Nira Dabush 26 Jul 2010


Artist Reply: Thanx, hugs, kisses ...

Steve Farr 26 Jul 2010

Thats clever and quite eye-catching, Bernhard!!~S

Ginger Lovellette 26 Jul 2010

Intriguing! Your work always just blows me away!

Artist Reply: Wow, your compliment is blowing ME away!

Sigridur Bachmann 26 Jul 2010

Very captivating and very great creative work !

Beatrix Jahn 26 Jul 2010

Jo, Berndi.......hast recht, gefällt der Trixi!!! Super gemacht mit dem 3D Effekt. Sehr hamonisch in der Wahl der Farben!

ruth sears 26 Jul 2010

amazing how you manage to get such a 3d effect to your works,this is a most excellent work,both creative and decorative to view.

Caballero Salguero 26 Jul 2010

Thanks so much my friend Bernhard, great painting, lovely composition and lines, (quebradas y plegadas) beauty of blue and green, original and wonderful, José

Olga van Dijk 26 Jul 2010

I love how you used your colors to give this TRANSMATERIAL piece of art dimension and depth MY POD! ~Love and Light, OLGA

Artist Reply: Thanks one thousand times, dear Olga. Too late for POD, but tomorrow is another day. The best artists on AW - and you are one of them - are commenting, I feel really flattered.

Heli Aarniranta 26 Jul 2010

Good presentation excellent colors and title just so perfect work as usually on so many levels Bernard.I enjoy looking at the art very much.all your work.I admirer your talent and skill and wy of making them!Blessed day to you.

Stefani Wehner 26 Jul 2010

Great concept, excellently done, Bernhard!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 26 Jul 2010

adore the depth!! Impressive and great!

Artist Reply: Dear Nelly, I am flattered. Thank you so much.

surekha rao 26 Jul 2010

Outstanding as always! Great visual!

Calvin McFarlane 26 Jul 2010

most very excellent Bernhard. in color , in concept, in reality...most very excellent.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much. Such a comment from one of the best artists world wide is very precious.