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Blue Chameleon

Carton Collage, coloured with Tempera. 96x63cm (38 by 25 inches). Made of packing carton residues. If you want to buy it, write me please. Shipping worldwide against PayPal payment without surcharge. Copyright Adrian Bayreuther (my artist's pseudonyme), member of 3rd paradigm artists group. See


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Linise Lisi 12 Aug 2011

thats very nice got fine lines and touches of colours not very strong but cool

Eunice Broderick 26 Feb 2011

I.. Love ..This ..Design. Bernhard

Ana Johnson 28 Nov 2010

Wonderful Bernhard! ...has to my PoD!

Renata Cavanaugh 07 Sep 2010

Fantastic artwork

Vivian Gutierrez 31 Aug 2010 how you worked this. Great!!

The Scour 28 Aug 2010

likey a lot. cardboard is the old canvas.

Vera Peltonen Bean 19 Aug 2010

I love this design & placement. Very good. -V-

Teresa Dominici 14 Aug 2010

Beautiful design shapes.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, dear Teresa.

tyler robbins 29 Jul 2010

How creative and original...a beautiful work of art!

Sandra McClure 27 Jul 2010

My pick of the day very well done....

Artist Reply: Thanks so much. Please excuse the delay, I was out of town (in Uzbekistan).

jimmy guan 27 Jul 2010

Love this one Bernhard!

Steve Farr 26 Jul 2010

I really like this!!~S

Artist Reply: Thank you, I am trying to become as good as you are already.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 24 Jul 2010

hi, i always a fan of your work, this a great picture that mark the movement in cubism and constructrivisum. why art can not be witten accoding to me Linise.

Ulughbek Mukhamedov 23 Jul 2010

Good afternoon my friend was not For a long time at you on a visit and I see fine avant-guard!

Caballero Salguero 22 Jul 2010

Hello, Thanks so much Bernhard, excellent carton collage,good tempera, great composition, magical use of the forms, wonderful my friend, José

Sigridur Bachmann 20 Jul 2010

So very beautiful and with such wonderful colors ! Super composition my friend !

lillianhibiscus 20 Jul 2010

Wonderful composition and colors. Such a unique, creative collage!

Anneke Hut 20 Jul 2010

Yes, you have a great eye for beauty, Bernhard! The way you let the material do the textures is just wonderful! And the composition shows your talent.

Artist Reply: Thanks, dear Anneke. A comment like this from a great artist like you is very precious. This carton collage idea comes from M. Cerdà Salas and J. Miró, the pattern is rather influenced by Kandinsky.

Calvin McFarlane 20 Jul 2010

well done Bernhard. i love the way the colors come bouncing off at the viewer. they seem to float right above the surface of the thing.

Artist Reply: Thanks, I am flattered.

Kovács János 19 Jul 2010

great! :)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 19 Jul 2010

Excellent Work, Bernhard!

John Cappello 19 Jul 2010

It is not only your technique which is amazing, it's your wonderful imagination and artistic talent and process that makes you shinet like a star.Again you have us stunned with your brilliant work

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 19 Jul 2010

Beautifully composed -just excellent work

Sharon Gonzalez 19 Jul 2010


Olga van Dijk 19 Jul 2010

I love the colors you used to emphasize the background even more. A well done collage, totally in the Adrian Bayreuther-style! Happy to see it as a POD. Love & Light, Olga

Izabella Pavlushko 19 Jul 2010

WOW, Bernie, that's just fantastic collage, love your creative approach. Beautifully DONE !!!

Artist Reply: Thanks, dear Izabella. After seeing Miró's collages I said to myself: "try it too".

Ginger Lovellette 19 Jul 2010

Who would have thought that cardboard could look so attractive! You are a genius, Bernhard!

Artist Reply: Give me your garbage and I make another art work out of it :-) Thanks a lot for the comment.

Stefani Wehner 19 Jul 2010

Fantastische Idee, faszinierend gemacht, Bernhard.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 19 Jul 2010


Artist Reply: Thanks, I am flattered. May I breathe again?

Nira Dabush 19 Jul 2010

Such splendid composition in this great abstract.. Totally UNIQUE, Bernie & Adrian Bayreuther..

Artist Reply: Thanks Nira. Have a nice day.

Emily Reed 19 Jul 2010

Delightful artwork!

ruth sears 19 Jul 2010

This is supremely excellent work,i really find the bright hues most attractive.

Beatrix Jahn 19 Jul 2010

Sehr aussergewöhnlich und attractiv.

Artist Reply: Thanks with 000. For XXX it's to warm outside. Reference: XOX