Digital Felt Painting - Calico Cat

Part 4 - Calico Part 4 in a series of faux black felt "paintings" of cat portrait's. This one is styled as a popular cat in Japan, the Calico, or Tortise shell. Generally a good portion of these cat are actually female, but the odd percentage can be male once in a blue moon, so to speak. Calico cat's are among one of my favorite types of cats. I simply adore how perfectly white their fur can be, then have odd patches of black and brown/orange. Another variation of the Calico is the Tortoise Shell. They typically have more patches of black, with brown flecks. Sometimes they can be a Chimera! Cat's that have one side of their face black, and the other brown--divided near perfectly down their face, are called chimera. (Like a mix of two). It's such a fascinating marking.

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