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Orange Puffs and Grass



Anonymous Guest

Brian Livingstone 18 Jul 2004


Betty Schwartz 21 Jun 2004

This photo displays a beautiful balance thanks to the grass/reeds.

Jeremy Allen 16 Jun 2004

Beautiful shot.

Adrien SANVOISIN 15 Jun 2004

wow! can almost feel the wind

thea walstra 14 Jun 2004

Very spherical. Thea Walstra

Christy Nicholas 14 Jun 2004

I agree, you need a more poetic title... 'the death of the day' or 'sun's last shine'

Dawn Landrum 14 Jun 2004

THis is lovely. I don't mean to knock your title but this photo is so majestic it just needs a poetic title instead of just a description. May I help? WHen seeing this I think the grass appears to be a small crowd gathering to witness the marvelous light display of the heavens. Maybe you can call it "Standing To Witness The Dawn" or "And The Crowd Gathers To Witness The Light Show" or "I Stand All Amazed" just an idea. This is spectacular!

martine wood 14 Jun 2004

what a magic shot

~Katie~ . 14 Jun 2004

Amazing Work!! beautiful shot