See the blood in my hand!

"Favourableness Images" On the beginning of theses wars (Chechenia, Cosovo) i started painting this theme but i always felt some rejection from my visitors against the colors red, black and white which I had used. I had chosen red for the blood, black for the smoke of the fires and white for the fear and hopelessness of the people. - All together these three colors were supposed to underline these conflicts. Day-to-day and hourly faced with a flood of informations about these wars by means of an electronic medium, the television, I finally merge this - together with telephone sex commercials which repeatedly appear alternating with the news during the nights - to the "electrical impressions" phase...In these paintings I tell about the despair of the people who find themselves amidst a war, on the run, without knowing a safe place to go, not able to find protection for themselves, their children and family. Since the people didn't want to deal with this - and I wanted them to at least ask themseleves what these paintings tried to tell - I discontinued the type of depiction and started to tell the same theme with pastel crayons on a rough paper. And these are "Favourableness Images" now. The first one is named "See the blood in my hand!". A very stilized human being is sitting with a grimace, is mouth opened slightly as if he would want to tell us something. At a second glance the colors surrounding him are very earthy tones - he has not lost all his hope yet. 1994 Chechenia/Kosovo - Favourableness images, 60 X 90 cm, Pastel on paper

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Bernhard Mueller 09 Jun 2010

Extraordinary, well developed style.