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Stanley monoprint

Fresh from my London printing class, I was filled with enthusiasm for the monotype print. Whilst my fiancée Fiona held him, I drew our puppy (a Parson's Jack Russell Terrier' or 'PRT') directly onto a piece of paper laid over a mirror (the mirror's not significant, but it's a nice flat piece of something non- absorbent that ink sticks to, like a piece of perspex/metal plate). But the result I think is charming, like a swiftly-executed charcoal drawing, the finer detail was iscribed with a pencil and the broader background strokes made with a wide piece of card. See my previous posts if you need to catch up on Monotype techniques. The lovely thing about monotypes is that they have a gorgeous, soft edge, at least if they are drawn like I did on the reverse of the paper using a hard versus soft-edged implement. This looks like it was drawn in charcoal.

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