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Coloured Collage

Collage of corrugated packing carton, 73 by 52 cm, painted with watercolour dyes. If you want to buy it, contact me please. Copyright: Adrian Bayreuther. Note as per Nov. 2010: Sorry, you were too slow. The picture is sold.


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Sara Deutsch 11 Mar 2011

Intriguing and original...

Artist Reply: Thanks! I am glad you like it. I am sorry, that it is sold already, else you could have it :-)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 26 Jul 2010

Anyway- I think it looks Great! Den.

Dennis Knecht 18 Jul 2010

Terrific (looks like something I would design- ha, ha) Den.

Artist Reply: Ha, ha, we could design one together and call it "common mess" :-)

Miles Baker 15 Jul 2010

Wonderful-My pod!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, dear Miles. I hope it is not as hot as in Germany on your island.

Fátima Stamato 09 Jul 2010

Amazing composition,Bernhard.I loved the choice of colours and the shapes with all the cuts, it was perfect!

Artist Reply: Obrigad! A comment from such a world class artist like you is very precious to me.

Ginger Lovellette 07 Jul 2010

Awesome work here!

ruth sears 01 Jul 2010

this is tremendously good work Bernhard,the shapes and colors all work together perfectly,I think one of your best so far.

Artist Reply: Thanks, dear Ruth. I just tried and was surprised myself how it turned out.

jimmy guan 29 Jun 2010

Amazing work Bernhard! This is my favorite of yours by far.

jessica torrant 10 Jun 2010

Great work, Bernhard! I love the cut out shapes and lines that are created in the negative space.

Artist Reply: Such a comment from one of the world's best artists... wow.

Anneke Hut 31 May 2010

Happy Birtday Bernhard, I hope your day will be as marvellous as this beautiful piece of art! :)

Artist Reply: Thanks for your birthday wishes and your lovely comment.

Aqua1955 31 May 2010

Marvelous work in paper art!!

Sandra McClure 23 May 2010

Wow one of your best. The overlapping and color choices are excellent. I love collages

Artist Reply: Thanks so much for your comment. I am going to make another collage soon - especially for you.

Teresa Dominici 17 May 2010

Wonderfully done.

gheorghe lungu 14 May 2010

sorry i forgot to log in and my message appeared as anonymous...

Artist Reply: Thanks so much for your valuable comment.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 14 May 2010

thanks you for your kind words....i'm from romania..i forgot to upload my biography..i've just uploaded it now...and also some more works..i like your's nothing like what i've seen by now...the shapes are beautiful

Pepita Selles 13 May 2010

Love your work,think GREEN its adorable.

Artist Reply: Muchas gracias, Pepita. Su amigo Bernardo "El Verde" :-)

ria damen 13 May 2010

byzonder mooi werk

lillianhibiscus 12 May 2010

Definitely impressive!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 12 May 2010

I love it that much, that I made it my POD Bernie!! Your simplified color choice and that touch of red makes it very intriguing, Bernie! And -YES- I enjoy the heck out of the sun in WPBeach! Love and Light, MOI

Izabella Pavlushko 12 May 2010

GREAT !!!!!!! Very impressive work !

Caballero Salguero 12 May 2010

Your painting is amazing and terrific,José

Alberto D'Assumpcao 11 May 2010

Wow!!! That's fantastic, Bernie!!! Just perfect!!!

Olga van Dijk 11 May 2010

How creative you were to use recycled material you never touched in your paintings before (as I know of); an UNIQUE piece of art Bernie! Love and Light from Florida's West Palm Beach, Moi

Artist Reply: Thanks for your nice comment, you can call me now "the recycler". I was inspired by the Spanish Artist Miguel Cerdà Salas, although I am working with carton for a number of years already. The material costs for the entire art work was about 12 cents. Enjoy your time in Florida.

Kovács János 11 May 2010

Luve this! :)

Delfina Mendonça 11 May 2010

Beautifull composition and colors, Bern

Sigridur Bachmann 11 May 2010

Great work of art ! Very unique but amazing like a piano !

Anonymous Guest (IP: 11 May 2010

my POD...thought is the perfect partner for Alberto's... and anonymous now me...xox NVN

John Cappello 10 May 2010

Here he give us another well crafted piece unlike any other . Great Stuff, well developed, we fans savor this latest offering!

Artist Reply: You got it! It was my target all the time, to make my works "unlike any other". Your comment proves, that I reached it.

Calvin McFarlane 10 May 2010

marvelous composition my friend.

Artist Reply: Thank you a lot. This comment from you is very precious.

Sharon Gonzalez 10 May 2010


Heli Aarniranta 10 May 2010


Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, dear Heli.

Beatrix Jahn 10 May 2010

How creative!!!!!!!! A great idea and wonderful turn out!

Artist Reply: Du wolltest doch bestimmt sagen: "Na also, es geht doch". :-)

Nira Dabush 10 May 2010

Superb composition. EXCELLENT ABSTRACT.. Great idea of use of materials.

Artist Reply: Thanks Nira, I won't put my carton to the waste.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 10 May 2010

fantastic original and great work!! love the use of packing carton with the yellow, white and black coloured accents!! The red parts are giving it a playfull presentation. LOVE IT!!! GREAT!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks for your educated comment.