Lion drawing

I drew this piece using graphite & carbon powder on A2 paper.


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Sharon Vincent 05 Aug 2018

Great the lion piece! So soft and majestic!

Joanie Holliday 20 Sep 2016


Joshua Yongo 03 Jan 2016

Awesome effect there. Especially the glowing hair effect. Phenomenal art.

Eve of Isis 24 Sep 2012

You have an amazing eye for detail. Love the technique. Final word, Brilliant!

Cristina Andrisan 13 Mar 2012

great useof the pencil

debbie collier 08 Jan 2011

Beautifully done!!!!

Clare Rowley 31 Dec 2010

What a beautiful effect - sounds like a new medium technique that I'll have to pick up ... so dreamy~

angel avila 25 Dec 2010

Amazing artwork !! very talented )

debi day 25 Dec 2010

WOW beautiful!!!! Amazing work!

Valeka Vale 25 Dec 2010

Wow! This is fantastic! Great shading and details!

Astha Tuladhar 25 Dec 2010

Brilliant work

Anonymous Guest (IP: 25 Dec 2010

Very Beautiful

Fiona Hooper 25 Dec 2010

Excellent work, John! and a very happy Christmas to you!

marie-claire gallet 26 Aug 2010

Your today's POD (nude) is really really great, but my preference go to this drawning which is incredibly beautiful !!! Bravo !!

Rose-Ann Swartz 16 Aug 2010

Okay, seriously, my eyes popped out of my head when I opened this!! Outstanding work!! Wonderful talents!!! Every single peice you have created is phenomenal!

Stefani Wehner 15 Aug 2010


Wendy Law 11 Jul 2010

how majestic - your drawing blow me away

John Cappello 22 May 2010

To view a Masterwork of such eminent significance, is a rare privilege.Sensational! I'm swept up in your forte of clever Artful ability, Inspirational, intricately captured. First Rate!

Casey Catton 14 May 2010

Without question...Perfection!

John Gibson 14 May 2010

such beautiful work

Toby Cambron 27 Mar 2010

Top shelf skills, John.

Bryan Camilleri 25 Mar 2010


Maria Anna Machado 24 Mar 2010