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Taste of morning, sunflowers in the field

"Days come full of struggles and insecurities. Seeking silence, your face, as I close my eyes, appears, refreshing as the cold water born in the mountain" "Love is from the infinite, and will remain until eternity.....From Thief of Sleep by Shahram Shiva. The Taste of Morning "Time's knife slides from the sheath, as fish from where it swims. Being closer and closer is the desire of the body. Don't wish for union! There's a closeness beyond that. Why would God want a second God? Fall in love in such a way that it frees you from any connecting. Love is the soul's light, the taste of morning, no me, no we, no claim of being. These words are the smoke the fire gives off as it absolves its defects, as eyes in silence, tears, face. Love cannot be said." From The Glance by Coleman Barks oil on canvas, palette knife 37" x 19"

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