Fantasy Cover

Cover from an upcoming series of juvenile fantasy books entitled "The Imperium Saga." For more info, go to Pen & ink colored in Photoshop.


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Rick Hughes 10 Jun 2006

This is really cool. Check out my redhead with a bow. Is Power Pack ever coming back?

Leah Jaarveth 15 Feb 2006

fantastic fantasy :)

Gautam Thoidingjam 23 Aug 2005

Amazing Illustration!!!! I bow down to you!! lady!!!

Christina Hans 24 Apr 2005

This one is really nice to. the characters look interesting.

richard wynne 27 Jun 2004

i like the colors

Zoe Colby 02 Jun 2004

Exellent work.

Kyle Tompkins 02 Jun 2004


Catherine Sandell 02 Jun 2004

June this is a very dramatic piece with wonderful use of color. Very good