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From my private collection.
2 images.. My father Aharon's hobby.
First image :
* A Star.
Second image:
Rings, with Granats.
Medallions (From left to right )
* Chamsa with Turquoise stone, traditionally believed (to those who believe) as bring GOOD luck or against evil eye.. OR The hand that prays. - Very popular in our area, many homes use it for decorations also.
** Strainer.
*** Half of Star of David, that can be swirled and by swirling it, you see the whole Star of David. (Amatist )
**** A Star.

Totally hand made silversmith.
Thanks for viewing and commenting. Have a delightful day!
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Caballero Salguero 07 Oct 2010

Like not comments? my dear star Nira,fairest of the fair. Israel flower..great beauty of design with precious stone, lovely group of silver,the hand,with the finger heart or heart finger....all is sublime and beautiful, Pepe