A week After a Vision: the Dream

Jan, 1, 10. Friday.. Late evening, a woman is standing in front of a glass door, her face looking at the door from the side... the place.. I know!
Tall woman, blond hair.. not too long.. not too short. she's wearing a sweater in natural colour, Bej, perhaps.. Yes, she's about to enter that door, the door that I know.. and HER ?.. Do I know her ?... I feel that YES.

And then... Sunday, Jan,3,10 - evening.. HE, Came to the "picture"......

Inspirational writing inspired by dreams.

2 Photos of myself taken, Jan, 8, 09. Susan Dallal Center. Tel- Aviv.
This image came quite spontaniusly without connection to the dream... a week after that dream, or was it a connection ?...
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Anonymous Guest

Craig Cantrell 17 Dec 2010

Lovely shot!!

Caballero Salguero 02 Aug 2010

No me explico, no entiendo como una mujer como tu, de pronto aparezca sola ante un bello portal...me recuerda a " la Aurora esperando el amanecer" pero con la llave en el bolsillo,eres algo escapado de otra dimensiĆ³n Nira, abrazos desde la otra orilla,Pepe