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Me at Silver Springs, Florida

This photo was taken in late 1999, a little over 10 years ago, when I went to Silver Springs, Florida. A friend & I walked around watching the various shows. One show was on insects in Florida. Well one of the insects/arachnids that the instructor showed, was a tarantula. So we could see it more clearly, and so that we could see what he was showing us about the spider, it was projected on a large screen. I did not look. Spiders are too scary for me to look at. Well, then the instructor wanted someone from the audience who was afraid of spiders to come up. I certainly tried to get even smaller than I already am. However, he picked me. (guess he saw that I did not look at the tarantula at all, because I certainly did not raise my hand.) I said no over and over again, but people said yeh, go ahead, and the person I was with said to go too. So up on stage I went. He put goggles on me and a vest and then handed me a frog to hold. Well it let out a yellow liquid, and it so startled me that I let it drop. Ooooops. The instructor said don't squeeze it (I didn't), and gave it back to me and then put some bug on the vest that I was wearing and then another kind of bug on the other side of the vest. He was talking all the while about them, and then, unbeknownst to me, he put that tarantula on my right shoulder, and then I saw the audience faces and knew that something terrible was happening. I threw the frog & whipped that vest off so fast and was at the other end of the stage before anyone knew what had happened, including me. The instructor obviously was not expecting that and ran to save the tarantula, bugs and frog. The people in the audience afterward told me how brave I was; that they would have fainted or had a heart attack. Brave???? Huh??? I did not stick around to see that spider. The instructor said that it was to make me not afraid of spiders. .... He must have been kidding. Afterward he gave me a certificate and this photo that was taken when the frog squirted the yellow liquid Again, and I made a face and said “oooooooooo”. Yep caught on camera at that moment. Hope you enjoy!

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surekha rao 18 Jan 2010

Very interesting memories to share, Sharon! Love it!!

Joanna Jungjohann 17 Jan 2010

pretty girl sharon!~

Sharon Lee 17 Jan 2010

Love the story too! I love the pic of you!

Maureen Bloesch 16 Jan 2010

and I LOVE arachnids!

geoff cooper 16 Jan 2010

great story, love the glasses...