J.P. Digital

I wonder what Jackson Pollock would create if he was alive today and created images with digital programming


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B.A. Davison 19 Oct 2015

Nice reminds me of a C├ęzanne dipped in abstract Great work

Angel Estevez 26 Aug 2004

A beautiful composition with excellent concept and very harmonious .Lovely abstract style. Congratulations !

Hilton Harris 19 May 2004

Your digital abstracts are way cool man!

John DeCaro 18 May 2004

i really like this piece

Greg Summers 17 May 2004

about Pollack - maybe the same - this is quite brilliant - I think Jackson might still be throwing paint at canv#@& - for soem the digital world is in their heads - I wonder what we'd see if you used paint on canv#@& - that I would like to see