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• Jerry's white Girlfriend  ( ;

It was a true pleasure to capture him and his white girlfriend ( ; I found it hard to break the image selection down to three - so here you see all my favorites. You can see the whole selection of images here http://calaido.blogspot.com/2009/1 0/horse-photography-county- kerry.html

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Anonymous Guest

Susana Araujo 16 Nov 2009

Fantastic photos of one of my favorites creatures.

Ai Shan 26 Oct 2009

Great beauty shots!

Loredana 26 Oct 2009

Outstanding I love the bottom One :

Kimberly Tilley 26 Oct 2009

Great photos Madeleine

MJ Mitchell 26 Oct 2009

My daughter and I will surely be visiting your link - I love both photos, but the second is incredible - perfect, gorgeous captures!