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Crossing in Cyberspace

Our virtual world.


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Pamela Rivera 28 May 2014

love the textures you created:)

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Pamela!

yves colas 11 Oct 2013

superb concept,great realisation,and colors too,excellently done!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Yves!

John Cappello 02 Aug 2012

Really Nice and colorful

Artist Reply: I think cyberspace is, just like real life. :) Thank you, John!

Patricia Griffin Brett 05 Feb 2012

Very beautiful abstract, Anneke! You are so talented! :)

Artist Reply: I'm very happy with your compliment, Patricia! I'm not so used to abstracts.

Andrada Anghel 01 Aug 2010

Absolutely gorgeous! Great composition and very balanced! Love it!

Artist Reply: The balance walked in by itself, I was just messing a bit.:) Thanks a lot for the kind comment!

Candy Prather 27 Jul 2010

This is very the peaceful mood...must be the color combination. You have such variety in your paintings and do excellent work!

Artist Reply: With abstracts it comes mostly by accident, Candy. I'm not a real abstract painter but love to mess around a bit.:) Thank you for the sweet words!

gheorghe lungu 17 May 2010

very good work

Artist Reply: Gheorghe, your opinion is highly appreciated, thank you very much!

jimmy guan 13 May 2010


Artist Reply: Thank you, Jimmy! :)

Kimberly 09 Apr 2010

Ditto all the comments below! I simply love you use of color AND texture!

Artist Reply: This all came up quite spontaneous, it was much fun to make this. :) I'm glad you like it, thank you, Kimberly!

Stanton Manolakas 02 Apr 2010

I really like this one. the element that makes this all work so well is the shade of blue. It's hard to tell whether or not it is cerulean blue or Prussian blue with titanium oxide white. It really makes the painting come alive.

Artist Reply: What a beautiful comment on my work, Stanton. Thank you so much! I don't remember what blue I used, it will have indeed been a mix of all kind, as it mostly is.:)

Gabrielle Stahlie 27 Feb 2010

Zeer intrigerend deze painting.. de kleuren lichten zo prachtig op... erg mooi..

Artist Reply: Door de bovenste lagen zit een beetje goudverf. Een beetje toevallig ook, zoals meestal met mijn werk.:) Hartelijk bedankt, Gabrielle!

Natasha Mylius 22 Feb 2010

Anneke, I love all your gallery for variety of subject matter and your colors. This painting is my favorite because of dramatic colors and texture.

Artist Reply: Hi Natasha, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your wonderful comment on my work. It's very much appreciated! :)

Armine Piloyan Vrteska 14 Feb 2010

The colours are sooo nice!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your kind words, Armine!

Eugenia Abramson 14 Jan 2010

Love the colors and texture - gorgeous painting!

Artist Reply: Hi Eugenia, thank you so much for your kind comment!

Jacek Jung 12 Jan 2010

Extremely nice of you Anneke to visit my work and comment, and also your artwork makes that I see your open artistic souls and this is your talent Anneke with kind wishe's Jacek

Artist Reply: That are beautiful words to my work, Jacek. I appreciate them greatly and I thank you for them!

josef balek 01 Jan 2010

Hi Anneke! Oh got, fantastic colours, great work!!! Congratulation! Pepíno

Artist Reply: You're an expert with colours yourself, so I'm glad you like it! Thank you very much, Pepíno!

Atamjeet Singh Bawa 28 Dec 2009

Impressive...very nice :-) Keep it up....

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for the visit to my gallery and leaving your kind words, Atamjeet!

Shelley Walden 15 Dec 2009

Love this! The colors and textures are fascinating!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Shelley!

Julius Bagsican 10 Dec 2009

Wow... this is great Anneke. Truly a one of a kind art. Well done.

Artist Reply: I'm glad you like it, Julius. Thank you! :)

Deborah Ormsby 10 Dec 2009

Wow, love this Excellent work

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Deborah!

Gregory Edwards 01 Dec 2009

I see economic systems in rifts as-ORGS well ALIT just ask the blue true where constellations of power give to gave so brave to save and your keen view paramount close forefront crosses cyberspace micro all the way to spectoral macro way to go!!!! You even represented the glitches and false modes embedded with scams dark after shaded as they work in forging reality atrocity for fast riches. I love this piece!

Artist Reply: I'm glad you like it, Gregory! Thank you for the remarkable and beautiful words to my work!

Emilia Misiura 28 Nov 2009

Anneke, This one is just wonderful. It would look great in some fine hotel.

Artist Reply: That would be great to see it hanging there! :) Thank you so much for the inspiring comment, Emilia!

Ginger Lovellette 16 Nov 2009

Stunning abstract!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your enthusiastic comment, dear Ginger!

Eva Britt 14 Nov 2009

Beautiful abstract painting...I love the combination of colors and texture

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot for the kind words, Eva!

Chris Roukema 14 Nov 2009

Awesome Work, Anneke!

Artist Reply: Hi Chris, good to see you! Thank you very much for the enthusiastic comment!

Joanne Woolley 10 Nov 2009

WOW, how did you do that magic thing with your paint, that's wonderful, I love it. So much going on and the colours are fantastic, its like Autumn all wrapped up on a canvas, beautiful work Anneke:0)

Artist Reply: I just used a lot of paint, Joanne. I'm glad you like it, thank you!

Renata Cavanaugh 09 Nov 2009

I love those deep rich colors. Beautiful work Anneke

Artist Reply: Sorry for my late reply, Renata. I thank you for your lovely comment to my work!

Teresa Dominici 08 Nov 2009

Very nice work.

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Teresa!

Cher Peterson 08 Nov 2009

This is intense, with the powerful paint strokes creating such great textures, and deep earth-tone colors. Amazing, Anneke!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot for your great comment, Cher!

Joanna Jungjohann 07 Nov 2009

oh, my word. a most captivating piece,Anneke. the swish groove of brilliant color totally draws one in. very well done. love jo

Artist Reply: Hi Jo, thank you very much for the beautiful words to my work!

Peter Rivron 06 Nov 2009

Unique, a real masterpiece.

Artist Reply: Peter, thank you for the wonderful compliment!

surekha rao 04 Nov 2009

Wow ! This is fantastic, Anneke! I can keep gazing at it forever!!!

Artist Reply: Hi Surekha, nice to see you! :) Thank you for the sweet words to my work!

Barry Huyett 04 Nov 2009

k 00 l art!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Barry! :)))

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 04 Nov 2009

Wow! Love this! Amazing textures and shapes! It has the feeling of a turbulent volcano. Love those little glimpses of blue which perhaps represents water and oxygen. Could be the molten surface of a fiery Venus or Jupiter. Incredible work Anneke! Felicitations!!!

Artist Reply: Rusty, thank you so much for your wonderful comment to my work!

Kovács János 02 Nov 2009

WoW! :)

Artist Reply: Yup! Often is in cyberland! :) Thanks for the visit and the comment, János!

Tabitha Borges 02 Nov 2009

So fire full and liek the twist and turn of the net..:0)

Artist Reply: Yes, it's all there, isn't it? :) Thank you my for the nice comment, Tabitha!

Jan van Baarle 01 Nov 2009


Artist Reply: Hi Jan, thank you! :)

David Holcombe 28 Oct 2009

There is something cosmic about this. The combination of colors and textures creates a lot of visual interest. It is very organic looking.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot for the kind comment to my work, David.

Helmut Licht 28 Oct 2009

Wunderbar Anneke and thanks for your comment :)

Artist Reply: Danke schön, Helmut! :)

Kathie Nichols 28 Oct 2009

Gorgeous work of art Anneke, you just know how I love abstract and!!!

Artist Reply: I know, Kathie, you're the expert on it! Therefore I appreciate your wonderful comment greatly! Thank you very much!

Bernhard Mueller 26 Oct 2009

Absolutely wonderful display of three-dimensionality. The objects appear in glowing colours while the blue "sky" is in the background. It is a wonderful and outstanding art work.

Artist Reply: Hi Bernhard, are your log in troubles over? Good to see you again! Thank you very much for the wonderful comment to my work!

Charalampos Laskaris 26 Oct 2009

Dear Anneke I would call it Hell inferno. Thank you for commenting on my istanbul street. I have a facebook address (charalampos laskaris) , we might be in touch in the internet way.

Artist Reply: I'm on Facebook too, haven't seen you there.:) Thanks for the visit to my gallery and the kind comment!

Vivian Gutierrez 26 Oct 2009

great work!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Vivian!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 26 Oct 2009

brilliant colours and BRILLIANT WORK!

Artist Reply: Hi Nelly, thank you for the sweet words!

Miguel Moraes 25 Oct 2009


Artist Reply: Thank you, Miguel!

Olga van Dijk 25 Oct 2009

The colors are breathtaking! WONDRFUL anneke! Love and Light, Moi

Artist Reply: Hi Olga, good to see you! :) Thank you for the wonderful words, my friend!

Brenda Thour 24 Oct 2009

Love the texture and feel to this piece.

Artist Reply: Thank you for viewing my work and leaving your kind comment, Brenda!

Sigridur Bachmann 23 Oct 2009

Great combination of colors and structures ! Great Texture !

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Sigga! Have a wonderful day!

Anna Marie Fritz 22 Oct 2009

Utterly gorgeous, Anneke!!! Color, composition, mood...everything!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Anna Marie!

Calvin McFarlane 22 Oct 2009

absolutely magnificent in every way

Artist Reply: Thank you for the very kind comment, Calvin.

Steve Farr 21 Oct 2009


Artist Reply: Hi Steve, thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind words!

monique cooper 21 Oct 2009

wonderful work!!

Artist Reply: Hi Monique, thank you very much!

Joan Wulff 21 Oct 2009

Wow! great colors!

Artist Reply: Many thanks, Joan!

Bev Chudey 21 Oct 2009

Wow Anneke the dimentions are wonderful!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, my friend!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Oct 2009

Impressive, my friend, Anneke.Marvelous Worl. Great colors, All is good. Magnificent. José

Artist Reply: Hi José, thank you very much for your kind words.

Bruce Combs 21 Oct 2009

Has anybody ever known me to be speechless? Has anybody used the word ASTOUNDING yet? This painting has four dimensions, at least! All of us commenteers are touching and twiddling with various tid-bits, but Anneke, over and over you bring new ideas, topics, color variations and combinations – far beyond merely exploring space, shapes, distances, full of emptiness. Is the “crossing” a place or two somethings moving? What a sensational blue! Just glimpses peeking through the cracks! And then all the rest: colors gambiting from yellow-green to yellow to orange, and red, brown and a tour de force of textures in various indescribable leafy forms, brittle as leaves should this time of year. Or are they twisted shards of exploded metal, burnished by the heat and fire? (Jerry Carlin, help me here!) And once again, Anneke, your usual effect. As we might expect by now to find you creating, seemingly effortlessly, a sense of definiteness, assurance that you know absolutely what you are doing and how to do it! And to do it sensationally well. And with a new topic. Beautiful, original, thought-provoking, attention-demanding -- finally, satisfying. Yes. Satisfying. Sometimes in a museum, I have to sit down somewhere for a bit, overcome with awe. Sometimes by a total experience, say, a room of van Goghs, Monets. Sometimes it is a kind of prayer of gratitude. Sometimes if someone looks closely, they may see me shedding some tears. (I like quiche, too.) But pretty soon I will feel ready to go back for more, to look again, or maybe I will decide to go on to another room. But sometimes, only very occasionally, a single painting – a late Rembrandt self-portrait, most any Vermeer – all by itself affects me so much so deeply, right through my flesh, right into the marrow of my bones. And after a short sit to regain my balance, some equilibrium, I leave the museum, watching my feet, being especially deliberate and careful down the usual museum steps, and then watching their deliberate mindless steps, one after the other, along the sidewalk. The cracks don’t matter. But it may be a good while – I don’t usually check the time then, as far as I can recall – before I feel ready to turn around, able to drive my car, not at all up to a tram yet. When I first saw these two photo’s of Anneke’s painting CROSSING IN CYBERSPACE, you might say I spaced out. I shut my computer down, found my two cats, and petted them. For a long time.

Artist Reply: My dear Bruce, as I know quite well what you are talking about when you tell of your experiences by seeing works of famous artists, I must say that right now I am the one who is really speechless. Your comment to my work is such a wonderful compliment, that words fail me to express how much I appreciate it. I'd just like to say thank you so much, my dear friend! Your words are like precious presents that make me smile every time again.

linda rufo 21 Oct 2009

I am delighted to see artist doing a productive thoughts towards nature in all types of season -for me my understanding these are the autumn leaves... Incredible Job!...............LINDA RUFO

Artist Reply: Dear Linda, thank you very much for the wonderful comment to my work!

athala bruckner 20 Oct 2009


Artist Reply: Thanks a lot for your comment, Athala!

Nira Dabush 20 Oct 2009

LIKE FLAMES, ANNEKE.. Love the colour use.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Nira! Have a wonderful day!:)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Oct 2009


Artist Reply: Thank you, Anonymous!

Patty Day 20 Oct 2009

Outstanding work of art, Anneke! Thanks for sharing with us...

Artist Reply: Gladly done, Patty! Many thanks for the kind words to my work.

Ai Shan 20 Oct 2009

Awesome abstract, Anneke!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, AiShan!

Annette Labedzki 20 Oct 2009

beautiful colors and great textures!

Artist Reply: Hi Annette, thanks a lot for the kind comment!

Loredana 20 Oct 2009

Outrageously Awesome :)

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Loredana!

lillianhibiscus 20 Oct 2009

Magnificent with fabulous golds, reds oranges etc.!

Artist Reply: Many thanks for the great comment, Lillian!

Laura Broenink 20 Oct 2009

The texture of the paint and the colours you chose give great depth to the painting, really enriching it! Beautiful!

Artist Reply: I did it completely on the feel, I'm really happy you like it! Thank you so much for the sweet words! :)

Maria Anna Machado 20 Oct 2009


Artist Reply: Thank you, Maria! :)

Sharon Gonzalez 20 Oct 2009


Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Sharon!

Stefani Wehner 20 Oct 2009

wonderful colors, very eyecatching, Anneke!

Artist Reply: Hi Stefani, good to have you in my gallery again!:) Thank you for the wonderful comment!

ruth sears 20 Oct 2009

yes Anneke,however did you do this,is so unique and tremendously fine work,I like this a lot.

Artist Reply: I painted this on a leather-like surface. It was fun to do, thank you for your sweet words to it!

jamie winter 20 Oct 2009

oh wow now this is awesome, Anneke,, however did you create this. love the colors and deepening space. wow

Artist Reply: Hi Jamie, I'm glad you like it, thank you! The surface on which I have painted this, was pliable like leather.