Titania and Puck

I've listed this painting and another on eBay. They're the last in a series I was working on. The other is called Psycho babydoll (another fairy and skull which lists starting at $9.99) under my gothiquefairy Identity. This one kind of came out a fave but, while the camera gets the colors muuuch closer than the scanner it is blurry. Does anyone know what causes that? I have a fairly new Kodak C813. Thank you! Thank you for looking!! =)


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Anonymous Guest 27 Jan 2016

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Anonymous Guest 04 May 2011

Ppl like you get all the brains. I just get to say tahnks for he answer.

Olga van Dijk 29 Apr 2010

BEAUTIFUL artwork Mia! Wow!!

Artist Reply: Thank you! =)

Steve Farr 28 Mar 2010

This looks FANTASTIC, Mia!!!! Excellent composition and details!!! Luv it!!~S

Artist Reply: Thank you kindly =)

Kirsten Talmage 29 Dec 2009

I love the depth of the colors. Making sure the camera is on a tripod also helps, parallel to the artwork. If you must use a flash (if, say, the only time you have to work is late at night), you can diffuse the flash -- I'm cheap, so I use either tissue paper or white fabric over my pop-up built-in flash.

Artist Reply: Thank you for the kind words and especially for the help! =)

Bunny Rose 03 Dec 2009

Nice work! I agree, it's so tough photographing artwork! I find it helps to use a delayed shutter release (most cameras have them, you can set it for usually 10 or 30 seconds, and you don't get the sudden motion blur from pressing the shutter button.) Also, if you're using an automatic setting, it's best to do it without flash during daytime. Bright, soft, natural light will trigger a faster shutter speed (so it's less blurry) while reducing harsh glares. And of course, a tripod is best, if you can get one. Hope this is helpful!

Artist Reply: Thank you! I'm copying and pasting it. I could definitely see the shutter release problem since I definitely notice it's difficult to press the button without shake. All great info, thanks!!

Jerry Lee Cline 03 Dec 2009

Love the style, great composition and great work

Artist Reply: Thank you!! =)

Anonymous Guest 03 Dec 2009

This is great work. I just love your style!

Artist Reply: Thank you! =)

Dannette Swabey 03 Dec 2009

Absolutely gorgeous! Love all the details and colors, she is very stunning.

Artist Reply: Thank you! I love your peppermint fairy! =)

Gregory Edwards 03 Dec 2009

Intricate and gravitational exceptional Work!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you! I'm mesmerized by your work Supper Fast!

Leigh-Anne Eagerton 15 Nov 2009

HIGH STYLE! High Art. What a rare talent.

Artist Reply: Thank you for the wonderful, kind words! =)

Kayleigh Sampson 25 Oct 2009


monique cooper 21 Oct 2009

Ohh so stunning.. your details always blow me away!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirby 21 Oct 2009

Oh wow, these are fantastic, excelent coloring!!

Artist Reply: Thank you!! =)

Mark Saxton 18 Oct 2009

gorgeous work.

Artist Reply: Thank you!! =)

Renata Cavanaugh 18 Oct 2009

Beautiful work Bailey! I end up taking so many photos before I get the one I want. Steady hands is mostly important....and I use the close up option on my camera. Also try different settings on your camera. Portrait works the best for me. And lastly flash will add glare in your artwork so try to take it with a good natural light without flash. Hope this helps a little.

Artist Reply: Thank you Renata! Yep, that's how it felt, picture after picture and I'm going to copy and paste what you're saying. Several things I can try next time. You rock =)

Cathy Holford 18 Oct 2009

Just awesome dear!

Chas Sinklier 18 Oct 2009

Ah, M-Bailey - those draped fabrics clinging as with morning's heavy dew, the bright Robin carrying my heart to the the dawn the celtic forest filled with me own true friends... too much? I like it - love 'er and all 'er lush - yet damp - surroundings - bewdy ~:0) (btw - regarding the camera being blurry - you need to use a tripod, otherwise the phenomenon known as camera shake rears its ugly head in your fotos - if u-r using a tripod, never mind ~:0)

Artist Reply: Nope, I haven't been using a tripod, thanks for the heads up! Also, thanks for the wonderful review. I wish that I could quote them they are so cool. Thank you Chas and Renata!! <3

Blonde Blythe 18 Oct 2009

Beautiful work! I love the way you do all those drapes and folds in the dress! :-)

Artist Reply: Thank you! They've become something of an obsession I think. =)