Enchanted Sleep

Size: 57x75.5 cm Watercolour & white gouache The Celts believed that a person who accidently fell asleep on a mountain top or near an ancient mound is to wake up either as a great poet or as a madman. Whatever the options are, the enchanted sleep is a wonderful opportunity to get in contact with the hidden world inside your mind and to discover the beauty or horror within. The innocent have nothing to fear. If interested in this or other artworks, please, visit my homepage at http://www.celebrinloth.com


Anonymous Guest

X-Chel 23 Jun 2020

Very nice artwork! Reminds me of some styles within the pre-Raphaelite movement.

Steven Akers 12 Dec 2009

Great job also great detail!

Marika Antal 29 Sep 2009

very talented work!!