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Swallow-tailed Gulls

Taken on Genovesa, Galapagos Islands - 2008 Canon Rebel XT Copyright: Photographer Laurel Talabere

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Anonymous Guest

Ai Shan 17 Aug 2009

Marvelous shots!

Julian Baslyk 17 Aug 2009

these birds are beautiful

Heli Aarniranta 17 Aug 2009

great photo and yes-the eye is striking.Ilove the way nature makes art in the diffrent spieces and I love the way gulls are adapting to all conditons..I do not like human attitude thoug that caused it in the first place and then the ignorant attitude they still know best. I am fortunate to see educated and aware people with such great eye on beuaty now a day's..bless for that.I am glad people starts to wake up..of the slumber they been in..Great.to see experinece and listen to,

Warren Ballard 16 Aug 2009

Excellent photos, perfect color and focus!

Beatrix Jahn 16 Aug 2009

Nice eye make up!!! Great shots Laurel!